Written and directed by

David Walter Hall

Produced by

Yajaira Marie Quinto & Patrick Richter


David Walter Hall

Executive Producers

Pauline Curran

David Walter Hall

Thomas Walter Hall

Mike McNamara

Yajaira Marie Quinto

Patrick Richter

Justin Stillmaker


Tom ~ Mark Little

Iona ~ Angela Koo

Matthew ~ Sam Baker Jones

Adèle ~ Lilit Lesser

Shopkeeper ~ Zahra Iza

Sedgwick ~ Julian Bird

Local boy ~ Giovanny Stienbach

Grandmother ~ Gina Mathieu

Father ~ Thierry Patrac

Janet ~ Helen Buday

Child guitarist ~ Swany Patrac

Party musicians ~ Tony Patrac & Nathanael Patrac

Van driver ~ Pauline Patrac

Hotel receptionist ~ François Le Puil

Party catering by

La Bonne Paella

Extras casting

Thierry Patrac


Director of photography ~ Alexander Peterson

Sound recordist ~ Quino Piñero

Gaffer/grip ~ Adam Peterson

Fixer ~ Thierry Patrac

Production assistant ~ Julien Aventurier

Production assistant ~ Zahra Iza

Calligraphy ~ Shuang Gao

Boat captain ~ Pascal A.

Editor ~ Miles Santiago

Assistant editor ~ Katie Richter

Sound editor ~ Thomas LeBeau-Morley 

Colourist ~ Matthew Mahmood-Ogston

Costumes ~ Cath Farr

Casting ~ Georgia Fleury Reynolds

Associate Producer

Julien Aventurier

Original music composed by

Jonny Phillips


Guitar ~ Jonny Phillips, Pablo Domiguez, Guillermo Hill

Cello/vocals ~ Mariona De Lamo

Violin/viola ~ Quinta

Clarinet ~ Idris Rahman

Percussion ~ Adriano Adewale, Pablo Domiguez

Double bass ~ Andy Hamill

Guiola ~ Gustavo Roriz

Piano ~ Daniel Hewson

Vocals on “The Rivers that Run through You” ~ Emilia Mårtensson

Engineered by

Pat Collier at Perry Vale Studios

Max Grunhard at Vanguard Studio

Frederik Vedersø at Noisy Rooms

Produced and mixed by Jonny Phillips



Written and performed by Allan Moon

Courtesy of Allan Moon

The Man I Love

By George Gershwin

Performed by Constantin Stephan

Via Wikimedia Commons

Public domain / Creative Commons

Cuando Llega la Noche

Written and performed by Tony Patrac

Courtesy of Tony Patrac

La Rumba Catalane

Written and performed by Tony Patrac

Courtesy of Tony Patrac


Written and performed by Tom Goldstein

Courtesy of Artlist


By Aves

Performed by Aves feat. Bel-Ami

Courtesy of Artlist

Summer Rain

Written and performed by Duffmusiq

Courtesy of Artlist

The Rivers that Run through You

By Jonny Phillips and David Walter Hall

Performed by Emilia Mårtensson


Pierre Antomattei

Agnès Biro

Stephen Connery-Brown

Max Grunhard

Joe Leach

Jim Carey

Chris London

David Luis Pérez

Sue Quinn

Fran Vergara

Bazar 34, Agde

Ambiance du Sud, Agde

Restaurant Le Plazza, Agde

L’Amiral, Agde

Yseria Hôtel, Agde

Melrose Café, Agde

Special thanks

Thierry Patrac


La communauté gitane d’Agde

Very special thanks

Pauline & Edmund Curran

Filmed on location in

Agde, France

Stock footage courtesy of Shutterstock

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The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons living or dead, places, buildings, or products is intended or should be inferred. 

In Memory

Nick Thermes